VerCiência 2016 - 22nd International Exhibition of Science on TV
The communication of scientific and technological advances on television, the internet and other audiovisual media, in an attractive, clear and amusing manner is the proposal of  the International Exhibition of Science on TV - VerCiência, now in its 22th edition.

Free sessions and interactive activities mobilize students and teachers in the main cities and in the interior of Brazil around this festival of science TV programmes, whose aim is to instruct and educate without borders.

In this context, Petrobras sponsorship is renewed for another year. After all, the company has built its history guided by talent, entrepreneurship, excellence and overcoming challenges, always encouraging the dissemination of knowledge.

So many commonalities are the recipe for success of this partnership and, of course, of the exhibition.
Presentation by the Curators
What an Olympic marathon! In the past 22 years, we have shown scientific and technological developments which resulted in major changes in our way of being and living: from the instant communication through social networks and smartphones to the cure of many diseases until recently lethal.
It is true that a minority of us which have had the privilege of a good education and access to information and scientific knowledge have benefited more from these achievements than the vast majority of the 7 billion people on the planet.

However, to mention only two obvious consequences of the scientific progress in recent decades, longevity of people increased significantly and infant mortality dropped sharply in virtually all the countries of the world.

But the challenges facing our own survival and that of other species in a rapidly changing world, with a human population still growing fast, are getting bigger, starting from food production, a central theme the 13th National Week of Science and Technology, in which VerCiência participates, since the very first, in 2004.

The success or failure of diplomatic and governmental initiatives to try to curb global warming and avoid disastrous environmental consequences in the coming decades depend, on a large extent, on the awareness of people and their access to information and scientific knowledge.

The uncertainties that lie ahead are many, yet a thing we can be sure: the challenges for planetary sustainability (and habitability) depends on the sharing of scientific and technological knowledge by an increasing number of people.

And this is our main goal, which we kept focused since the first VerCiência exhibition in 1994: to promote and to encourage the dissemination of scientific knowledge and culture through the main audiovisual communication vehicles: television and internet.

2016 will be remembered as a difficult year in Brazil, with major changes, concerns and expectations in the political and economic scenario. But it will also remain in our memory as the year of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio, with its lessons and inspiring examples of resilience and of our ability to organize large events and to overcome challenges, as shown by our athletes.

Running with us, in this 22-year old "marathon with obstacles", we can not fail to mention the recognition of our key institutional partners, whom themselves have also faced and overcame great challenges: Petrobras, our main sponsor since 1996 and responsible for one of our major centers of research and technological innovation, essential for the development of the country; The Cultural Centre Banco do Brazil (CCBB-RJ), host of VerCiência since the very first show in 1994, which makes VerCiência the "oldest" event in the house; and the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC) who always supported us and whom we have joined in the effort to spread and popularize science.

We would also like to register our long-standing partnerships with the MAST - Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences, with the Brazilian Association of Centres and Science Museums (ABCMC), with the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, with Catavento Cultural and the Department of Popularization and Science of Dissemination of the MCTIC‘s Secretariat of Science and Technology for Social Inclusion, which organizes and coordinates the National Week of Science and Technology.

A new and promising partnership of Verciência began at the end of 2015 with the Museum of Tomorrow.

Among our international partnerships, we highlight the BBC Science (British Broadcasting Corporation), producer of the oldest science program in the world of TV: HORIZON (on air since 1964!); and WGBH, the PBS station from Boston, producer (since 1974!) of the award-winning series NOVA. Both are world references in science communication on TV, real "schools" of the art and technique of how to "tell good stories" and arouse the interest of the general public in science and technology subjects. Both participate actively VerCiência since the first exhibition, in 1994.

"And the winner is ..." The VerCiência 2016 Special Tribute award goes to one of the most prestigious and award-winning producer of science programs for TV in Latin America: Imago Producciones, Chile, a partner and active participant in the VerCiência annual exhibitions, since 1996.
And now, with you, the VerCiência 2016! We hope you enjoy the show without restraint!

Sergio Brandão and José Renato Monteiro
Curators of VerCiência

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