VerCiência 2016 - 22nd International Exhibition of Science on TV
The Cultural Center Bank of Brazil (CCBB) receives the International Exhibition of Science on TV - VerCiência 2016 – “22 years without losing the focus of science on TV” - as part of the National Week of Science and Technology promoted by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications.

The project, which receives a historical support of the CCBB, remains focused on the latest scientific innovations, provoking a reflexion on the great transformations resulting from scientific and technological advances in all areas of knowledge. Among  the consequences of such progress, we can cite the increased longevity of people and the reduction in infant mortality in virtually all countries of the world.  That’s the framework for a discussion on food production, theme of the 2016 National Week of Science and Technology.

For CCBB Rio, to support this important initiative means to stimulate the questioning of several generations about solutions proposed by science for everyday problems, in addition to providing the means for these generations to follow relevant productions in the promotion of scientific culture in times of increasing world globalization.



VerCiência 2018 - 24ª Mostra Internacional de Ciência na TV - de 15 a 21 de outubro
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